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MOTIONTAG SDK Documentation

Are you as excited about data as we are? MOTIONTAG is a Potsdam-based startup that collects
mobility data about travel chains of people via their smartphone. This way, MOTIONTAG helps
customers from the mobility sector to understand passengers, optimise existing transport
systems and create new, seamless mobility experiences - for a more sustainable mobility future.

Now it’s your turn to explore the MOTIONTAG Analytics SDK! Let’s follow the steps in this document and get all the information needed: https://xmndcloud.motion-tag.de/index.php/s/nQzLCQb9zaaWJyC

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    For the ones trying to integrate the SDK but need support: the Slack channel option doesn't work and would simply ask you to send us an email at support@motion-tag.com. Thanks!

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