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Swobbee API


Swobbee is a battery exchanging station, where you can swap your empty battery against a fully charged one.

you can find our API documentation under the following Link:

As Price, we provide 5 times one month free using of one of our Emco electro scooter, powered by Greenpack Batterie. With free accessing our battery swapping infrastructure.

If you do not have a driver license, you can also get a cargo bike, also with electric engine and powered by Greenpack Batterie.

Also we provide a 5 times one month free using of one of our Energy Box. 1.4kwh Power for your Laptop. Use it for hacking a hole weekend, where you want. Power for your computer will not be the problem. Free charging for the month at our stations is also included.

Check out the prices at the foyer, where the Swobbee is posed.

Informations to our company and products can be found here:

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    Hi, Jelbi Hackaton has ended.

    If you want to reach out to us (swobbee), please use the following email address: marketing@swobbee.de
    If you mail us what to do better next time and why it'd be a good idea to add a swobbee sharing point to a jelbi station, you can win one energy box or one free month of emco e-scooter usage!

    Best Regards


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