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Find Data provided by Trafi here after the 15th...

This is Jakarta’s public transport information provided in the most popular format worldwide - GTFS. Two types of data exist. One is static data which consists of information such as scheduled departure/arrival times, list of routes, trips, stops etc. (GTFS) and other is realtime data which conveys information about delays (trip updates), vehicle locations on the map (vehicle positions) and disruption messages (service alerts) (GTFS-RT). Realtime data must always reference static data.

You can find out more about the standard here:
GTFS overview -
GTFS reference -
GTFS-RT overview -


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    Thanks for the post. Just a quick clarification:

    1) The format of the trafi data will be only in GTFS.
    2) We will not receive any sample data before the start of the hackathon.
    3) Although Jakarta is mentioned, the data in the hackathon will be from Berlin.

    Is my understanding correct?

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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) Data will be from Jakarta, Data Privacy reasons.

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    Hey, thanks for the rapid feedback!

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    Get Familiar with Trafi’s API: Reference Implementation Example

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    and the related word document:

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