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API - Dokumentation Bliq

Bliq Park APIs - Parking rules, predictions and real-time availability

=> About Bliq <=

Bliq provides street-level intelligence for uban mobility through multiple services. The Bliq Park service delivers dynamic information about available car parking spots - on the street, in car parks, underground, etc.

The data is organized in three consecutive map layers:
- RULES(prices, opening hours, restrictions)
- PREDICTION (predicted parking availability)
- LIVE (real-time parking availability)

=> How to access the APIs? <=

1) Sign up for a free dev account here:
2) Reach out to a member of the team to make all map layers available to you
3) Use your API key to authenticate

Useful links:
[1] API Request Builder:
[2] Documentation:
[2] API Reference (Swagger):

Happy building!

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